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Distinctive two storey duplexes by Into Place

Double the Street Appeal

Whether you are a developer looking to unlock the potential of your block, an investor looking to develop a long-term investment portfolio, or an owner occupier, duplex developments can meet a range of needs.

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Why A Duplex?

Our cities are becoming denser and people are wanting to live closer to cities and amenity, without sacrificing space and functionality of their homes. There is real demand for high quality, secure, low maintenance homes in our established suburbs.

Perhaps space is limited. If you’re a developer or an investor, building a duplex on a narrow block is the smartest way to ensure you’re utilising every inch of space, whilst in turn, getting the most value and ROI out of your property.

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Partnering with Into Place

By choosing Into Place as your duplex developers and home builders in Perth, you will be creating a finished product that will generally be easier to sell or lease. Or if you plan on being an owner occupier, you will be able to build a new home that perfectly fits your life in an established area.

Whether you’re a developer, an investor, or an owner occupier, we’d love to hear from you.


What is a duplex?
Why choose a duplex?
Where can duplexes be developed in Perth?
How do I know if my land is suitable for duplex development?
How long will the process take?

Into Place is a modern residential builder and property company harnessing intelligent design to create great places to live and vibrant neighbourhoods. Distinctive, functional residences of the highest calibre that support modern life and fit perfectly into place.

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