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Distinctive two storey duplexes by Into Place.

Double the Street Appeal

Whether you are a developer looking to unlock the potential of your site, or an owner occupier looking to create a beautiful place to call home, duplex developments can meet a range of needs.

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What is a Duplex?

Duplexes, also known as dual occupancy or side-by-side townhouses, is the term for building two individual houses on the same block of land. They can be either attached or detached and are typically done as one contract.

With our cities becoming denser and people wanting to live closer to amenity without sacrificing space and functionality of their homes, there is real demand for high quality, secure, low maintenance homes in our established suburbs.

If you’re a developer or an investor, building a duplex is a smart way to ensure you’re utilising every inch of space, whilst in turn, getting the most value and ROI out of your property.

Our Process

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    Step 1 Site Assessment

    Identifying the right site for a duplex development involves a thorough strategic approach. Once you know your end goal and overall strategy, our experienced team will assist you in identifying appropriate sites to consider for a more detailed feasibility.

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    Step 2 Feasibility

    We will assist you in conducting a detailed feasibility of your site, including early planning advice, budget estimates, on-completion sale analysis and importantly identifying any complexities which may be encountered during the development process.

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    Step 3 Design & Budget

    Once you have secured your site, we commence our design process, which includes selecting from one of our architecturally designs plans that best suits your site. We will also provide a preliminary quotation for the project to ensure things are still on track.

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    Step 4 Planning Application

    Now you’re ready to get going. We will prepare a set of planning drawings, along with an independent planning assessment and prepare a development application with your local council.

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    Step 5 Contract Signing & Selections

    Once we have your planning approval, we will prepare building contracts with our building partner. This step will also include your selections for your project, as well as detailed engineering and all the other necessary documents to prepare us for commencement on site.

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    Step 6 Construction Begins

    Get ready for the exciting part! Watch as your project comes to life. After securing a building permit form your local council, we are ready to go. We'll keep you updated at important stages along the way



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